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Stud Sires

Our stud rams are registered within the AWSBA and all Leebrooke flock rams are eligible for the blue tag, which is a guarantee of quality.


Our current leading sires remain completely untouched/unshorn and are grass fed.


Our aim at Leebrooke is to produce sheep that display the same genetic traits and that Australian Whites exemplify; low maintenance, good shedding ability, black points, high fertility and high growth rates in lambs.

Wallace - Tattykeel 180966_edited.jpg

Tattykeel 180966

Son of ET170124 - Trump.

Foundation Stud Sire at Leebrooke, purchased in the 2019 Tattykeel On Property Sale. An ET twin ram from the Tattykeel sire “Trump” that is well balanced and has exceptional Australian White traits. He has given us a very strong ewe base.


Tattykeel 191019

An already proven sire with over 900 exceptional progenies on the ground in NSW, Covid will add carcass length and depth, as well as strengthening our already established haired flock. Tattykeel “Covid” 191019 was originally purchased for $46,000 in a syndicate with Timor Australian Whites, Camden Valley Australian Whites and Warrumbungle Australian White Stud.

Gamadale Stud Sire_edited.jpg

Gamadale 200315

Purchased as a stud ram for $21k from Gamadale Australian Whites in their 2021 On-Porperty Sale in Lascelles, VIC. A twin ram with the best growth rates among his peers. He stands square showing off his hindquarters, with excellent feet and carcass length. He has fast growing progeny with structurally sound feet that are well balanced. 


Purchased in the 2023 Tarcutta sale, Covid Jnr is an exceptional ram that stood out for his strong Australian White traits. As a ‘Son of Covid’, he is structurally sound with a clean coat and a perfect temperament.

Camden Valley 210074
"Covid Son"

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