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Meet us, the farmers


We are the Lee Family - Jessica, Matthew and our children, Evelyn, Sylvia & Jim. 

We are the farmers and the family behind Leebrooke Livestock. We are 6th generation farmers on both sides and grew up in farming families. Our logo represents what we’re all about - family & growth. Our farm is family operated and the kids are a huge part of the process, learning about ethical and sustainable farming and producing high quality lamb & beef in a “paddock to plate” scenario in both a Stud and commercial capacity. 


The days can be long, the weather unpredictable and the arguments fierce when working with kids in the yards - but it's a family passion and we love what we do. 


Our Story

In 2016 we  took  on the family farm "Leebrooke"  that had been in Matt's family for six generations. Having both come from farming backgrounds, we were ready to make our own impact by combining our existing knowledge of farming with new and current practices. Our vision was to build a flock of exceptional quality sheep, to run alongside our already established Angus cattle.


Born and raised on well-known Hillcreston Superfine Merino Stud near Bigga on the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales, we had the sheep experience to do it, but we needed something that could co-graze alongside our established Angus herd and were looking for something that suited our land and lifestyle. 


With our Angus herd already performing, we made the decision to go with the self-replacing, haired, meat sheep Australian Whites, because they are hardy and well-suited to a range of conditions. They suited our brief of being a low maintenance breed without compromising quality. We were also mindful of the availability of shearers, with so many producers in our area looking for something they can run without having to have specific skills or experience. We established Leebrooke Livestock - and we’ve never looked back.

We have been captivated by the distinct difference in meat quality of Australian Whites, with it's intramuscular fat and low melting point. Now that we have established a consistent ewe base, we are focusing on our commercial fat lambs that yield high, have consistent carcasses over the hook and to gain recognition as the highest quality lamb meat on the market. We are proud partners with Maffco Taphouse & Brewery, serving our premium local lamb in their restaurant with full traceability in a paddock to plate scenario.  

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