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Our Farm

Our property is located in the picturesque East Gippsland. Its scenic and hilly landscape provides the perfect views and countryside (for us and our animals). 

Leebrooke itself has been in the family since 1863, when it was first established as “The Pick & Shovel Inn” which was a halfway point for travelers to stay between Sale & Dargo. The Lee family has farmed this area for more than a century so the land holds sentimental value for us, which drives us to create a sustainable and ethical farming environment for ourselves and for future generations.

We care about the future of our farm so our children will have the opportunity to continue the farming tradition. We are committed to following the highest standards in both running our farm and producing meat, caring for our animals and our environment. We limit chemical usage, encourage plant biodiversity, and handle livestock using natural and low stress methods, because quiet livestock = productive livestock. 


Our Sheep

Our lambs are 100% grass fed, grazing in low stress environments across a mix of both native and improved pastures. Temperament and ease of management is important to our farming practices as well as making sure our lamb is purely grass fed, hormone and antibiotics free. These factors combined ensure that we optimise the taste and health benefits of our meat and reflect our commitment to animal welfare and sustainability.  

Our flock is 100% pure Australian White, an easy care, docile, haired breed that is renowned for its eating quality. Australian whites have a superior meat eating quality when it comes to lamb! It has low intramuscular fat melting points and is high in omega 3. This provides full flavour and a mouth watering experience! For more information about our registered AWSBA Stud click below.


Our Cattle

At Leebrooke, we strive to create a premium line of commercial cattle that consistently perform across fertility, growth and structure. Our bulls are carefully chosen through both visual scanning and EBVs.

Over the last 3 years we have used Artificial Insemination programs and extensive tracking to build the quality and production ability of our herd. We look for calving ease, positive fats and high IMF without compromising solid structure & growth. 

We are MLA partners and Greenham’s “Never Ever” accredited, which certifies and promotes premium quality, natural grass-fed beef. The Leebrooke tag is our guarantee for an investment into quality genetics and well handled stock with quiet temperaments.


Our Practices

The health and wellbeing of our animals is fundamental to our operation. It is the key focus on our breeding program for future breeding stock as well as our commercial stock for beef and lamb production. We are passionate about raising our animals ethically in environments that minimise stress and we believe this is a major contributor to how good our beef & lamb tastes. 

Our sheep & cattle are consistently and continuously treated with respect and care in a 100% grass fed environment with no added hormones or antibiotics. Our animals are cared for on a daily basis and we work with a number of companies including Greenham’s “NEVER EVER” program that certifies and promotes premium quality, natural grass-fed beef.

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